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What SSB Wii U Character Would You Want to Have Removed?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Bros. Society' started by cool9128, May 17, 2016.

  1. Mr. L

    Mr. L The Green Thunder Towns Folk

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    I just don't like how they've been putting her in everything, Mario Kart, Mario Golf etc. Could've come up with someone more interesting like Isaac from golden sun. As a character though she's really unique and I like the concept of how she plays (although I don't use her).

    Basically, I don't like her :p
  2. Mr. L

    Mr. L The Green Thunder Towns Folk

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    Would've been nice to have more interesting/obscure nintendo choices really
  3. Hayleia

    Hayleia Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

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    But then if it's just because she's everywhere, they should remove Mario, especially since it's one of the few games without "Mario" in the title :p

    But I think she's in because she's an interesting fighter as you said. People complained about Ice Climbers being out so they tried to find something that could fill the gap, and Rosalina+Luma do the job.
  4. Nanamine

    Nanamine Restricted User Towns Folk

    Oh man, this entire thread is so petty lol.

    But, if I had to choose someone to remove, it'd be Wario. He's annoying af.
  5. Mr. L

    Mr. L The Green Thunder Towns Folk

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    Putting her in everything, without justification I should say :p She's not exactly a main character and doesn't have much of a personality, they're artificially making her relevant. That's how I feel. She does have a fanbase of course, it's not like no one likes her.

    But yeah I am glad they made her a completely unique character in the smash series (especially with the absence of Ice climbers), it would've been nice if Nintendo put ice climbers in the Wii U version tho :/
  6. Taz705

    Taz705 TRADE WITH ME ON POKEMON Towns Folk

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    i would have to remove Ike. Ike is a character kinda like Marth and if i do understand correctly Marth is a pretty popular amiibo and character. i dont use him at all so i would remove him if not Ike. then i would have to remove Peach in my opinion peach does have many popular moves at her disposal. Ness to Ness is Horrible in SSb. his own game is OK its cool. but besides that he is horibble.
  7. Ace

    Ace Aaannnd boom! goes the Dynamite. Towns Folk

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    I would remove Sonic because Sega.
  8. etrian_warrior

    etrian_warrior Now named "Popcorn" *gives popcorn* Towns Folk

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    Well, before I state my opinion may I just say I feel no matter what answer someone says someone will rebuke and object, so I think we need to remove bias based on personal mains prior. Now, based on this I see every character deserving it's place on the roster. However, I can see many characters who also deserve a spot as well, such as Bomberman, in my opinion. Regardless, I still think every character brings it's fans to the game and that is too be respected. We can only hope that more characters will be added to satisfy everyone as much as possible.