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Did hacks ruin splatoon?

Discussion in 'Wii U Games' started by Eric Cartman, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman BEWARE OF ADS KFC Lover

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    After a few months after the last splatfest and working on getting the perfect rank I've realized how much the game has gone through, especially with the topic of hacking. Sure hacks have brought some good into the community such as playing as an octoling instead of an inkling, hinting callie and marie amiibos, maps, weapons before they were even announced by Nintendo and experimenting new unreleased ink-colors such as red and white.

    Though as hacking in the community has done some good, hacking has done some trouble such as increasing sea snails, having a mind blowing amount of the same ability on a certain clothing, increasing level, increasing rank, enhancing weapons by hacking. This has caused some conflict, especially with the ability to changes the abilities on you're inkling avatar. That only thing I don't like about people hacking splatoon is the people hacking their rank to +S 99 because when most people just hack their ranks it just makes the people who work hard for their rank seem to be fake.
    Just why?........
    Ok all of us have some lucking gear such as an all 3 damage up shirt or an amiibo gear with 2 of the side abilities the same as the main abilities making that type of the ability on you're inkling more powerful, but this.... no one can be this lucky to get all 3 of the same abilities AS your main ability on a non cuttlefish or amiibo gear. And as you can see all the clothing in her inventory is new which means all of that was supposedly "bought with all of those abilities in tact by spyke" Something smells fishy....
  2. oshul

    oshul The main oshawott Towns Folk

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    I hope that with splatoon 2 if we can transfer our inklings to a new game thell ban hacked ones
  3. TaikoCloud

    TaikoCloud BOWSER JR IS BACK Towns Folk

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    Personally , i don't think hacking has been a problem for Splatoon , mostly because the creators of this stuff keep it private and other public hacks were easily detected and people using it were banhammered. The real hacking problem is MK8 and MK7 since Nintendo never checks MK8 reports of hacking and just ignores it.
  4. WellExcuseMePrincess

    WellExcuseMePrincess What Towns Folk

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    Hacks don't ruin games. People do.

    Blame hackers who hack online to cheat, hacking itself is an inoffensive practice (regardless of what overzealous game developers will tell you, they're just dumb lol). It's people who ruin others' fun.
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  5. Hefty

    Hefty Meme Town Towns Folk

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    Many, many of these Splathax don't work online, they'll just get you banned. See NWPlayer
  6. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman BEWARE OF ADS KFC Lover

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    NWPlayer got banned by just playing as an octoling tho and she leaked some stages but that was after she was banned.