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An announcement from Marc

Discussion in 'Town Billboard' started by Marc, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. DeathDragon

    DeathDragon Gotta protect that smile Gym Leader

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    203 coins
    Marc, it truly made me sad to hear that you began to regret opening 3dsPedia... :(

    To me, 3dsPedia is probably like a second home; ever since I came here and was quickly welcomed in by this amazing community, I came to love this place. There isn't any other forum I'm actually active on, so I wouldn't be able to compare, but 3dsPedia is like the best community I know. It's fun, kind and special. You should never regret opening it, because 99.99% of people here love it here - it's just those three or so who don't respect this place like they should (I'm not completely sure who Members A, B and C were by the way, although from what I've gathered I can guess two of the three).

    It's sad to know what has happened and that those three, whoever they are, have been saying things about you like that. It's disgraceful, cowardly and horrible. But it's inevitable sadly; in such a large website, there were bound to be some troublemakers, and unfortunately it happens. You didn't deserve it one bit Marc, there was nothing you did wrong, in fact, everything you have done here has been for the good of the forum.

    You've helped me out many times before, and you're really one of the kindest people I've met, or 3dsPedia is one of the kindest as a whole. I thank you sincerely for creating 3dsPedia - without it, I don't know what I'd be doing in my boredom now. That's why I have to thank you for making this forum, because 3dsPedia is now very much a part of me. I could never leave, even if I had no other choice, because now that I'm attached to 3dsPedia I feel I can never let go.

    So thank you so much for making 3dsPedia, you're the best! :D You should feel proud for creating such an amazing forum, with such an incredible community and for just being the best! Thank you, Marc!
  2. SmashChamp

    SmashChamp If life gives you pickles, you should eat them. 3DS Pedia Contributor

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    598 coins
    I think I might know C, but I'm curious, could you send a message? ( My computer isn't good at it.... )

    But Marc, you are the best forum owner, you try hard to make everyone enjoy themselves!

    You interact a lot with your fellow pedians, you keep everyone safe from internet scams and trolls!

    You listen to other people's ideas to improve pedia! You let people have fun they couldn't enjoy normally. You even give download codes and E-Shop credit! I don't know any other forums that do that!

    Don't feel unconfident! There will always be someone that tries to scam or troll, but that's ANYWHERE! Your forum is different from others and your different from other forum owners in a good way! You let many people join as staff, you let young people like me join the writing team!
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  3. 3dsatackman

    3dsatackman Master of Fire! Towns Folk

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    386 coins
    Here are some smiles :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D I am sorry that some people do that but the majority of us love this place and you :) :hug:
  4. AliTheAce

    AliTheAce Scary Plane Man -CdbSofa Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    340 coins
    I'd like to say a big, huge, THANK YOU to Marc and everyone here which keeps this community active and running, it's been a pleasure to make friends with so many of you on here and there is no other forum which has even come close to the friendliness of 3DSPedia.

    Marc is one of the most generous people I've ever seen. His main motivation are some good times, laughs, and smiles. I hope everyone here continues to view this forum positively, and becomes part of the foundation that keeps the community alive.

    I myself have been a member for more than a year now, and I'd hate to ever leave here. This forum is my life, and I have found so many people that have become part of the internet family. Heck, it's so hard to concentrate on anything when so many of you are online in the SB, and I have said "Bye" countless times, shortly to not leave afterwards, because it seems like you all are having so much fun :giggle:

    I still will never forget the day where Marc helped me get Pokemon X through the Club Nintendo promotion, it was such a big source of happiness for me at that time, and still is.

    I have a dream: That one day, we will make it big, like IGN and GameSpot! :D

    Stay happy, and stay smiling, 3DSPedians!

    Peace \m/

  5. Alex

    Alex Nintendo 3DS Legend

    Play Coins:
    1,505 coins
    You're welcome.

    AHAHAHA. I'm so funny.
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  6. AliTheAce

    AliTheAce Scary Plane Man -CdbSofa Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    340 coins
    Including you, Mister.
    I agree, you're funny, but this post wasn't funny at all :p
  7. Alex

    Alex Nintendo 3DS Legend

    Play Coins:
    1,505 coins
    I found it hysterical.

    AliTheAce likes this.
  8. D4rkDragon

    D4rkDragon Lemon Dragon 3DS Pedia Contributor

    Play Coins:
    14 coins
    Honestly, I am shocked. As I was saying to @3dsatackman, I think I might have an idea (hypothetical) of who might be those threes, but I keep wondering why would these people have done this. First, you have spent a lot of time and money to make this place a great one, where members and I made many friends, and as many people said already, you managed to make us have lots of fun, thrill (during giveaways/tourneys, because, who wouldn't be thrilled :p ?), and good times. Also, in reaction to what everybody said, here's a smile as well: :)

    But, as @PersonSP said, don't let three idiots, whoever, and whatever they are get you down. That's what they want, and I doubt somebody like you will give up that easily. The Internet have lots of them, and the forum was bound one day or another to have one (or, in our case, three). I wonder what kind of let's face it, stupid, and misplaced idea was going in their heads, but, they don't have the right to say that. They came on the forum, and they should have known how it worked, and they shouldn't have criticized you for that.

    So, to conclude, please, don't regret what you've done. I won't be the first nor the last to say it, but you're an awesome person, and without you and this place, I wouldn't have made so many friends, and I wouldn't have gotten so many fun times, no matter on which game it was. Just ignore them, and live on. I know it hurts, but one day, keep remembering that there will be a payback. If they trash talk you, they're trash talking the whole forum, and the whole community, like what @Ashkil said.

    One last note, as you said: they'd better deal with it or leave :playful:.
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  9. AliTheAce

    AliTheAce Scary Plane Man -CdbSofa Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    340 coins
    Those 3 members (which I know) were all loyal members. I assume they wanted to have some fun/vent out the anger on Marc.
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  10. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic 3DS Pedia Contributor

    Play Coins:
    1,854 coins
    Which they shouldn't have done. Not this way. There are a lot of decent ways to resolve a conflict but this one was low. I feel like the emphasises should be on were in this case. Of course everyone makes mistakes, especially when they're angry, but that doesn't make it okay. I suppose that in time all will be fine but that's not ours to decide.
    AliTheAce likes this.
  11. paceygym

    paceygym Aspiring Pokemon Master Towns Folk

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    121 coins
    A word from me,

    I, am member B who lured him into the "trap" At that point to me it was a just a prank, not a good one but I was being stupid.

    After failing, I realized how stupid and bad of a prank/joke it was, I didn't want him to "go jump in a lake" tbh I like Marc, he's cool.

    So feeling stupid I told Marc I was sorry, I can even screencap it for you guys if you wish, and he said he didn't believe me, which then led me to not care as much anymore, and say not super nice things. And also be all-around not very happy >.>

    And then I got in an argument about a certain member's privileges but I don't think that member will return so it's all in the past.

    I ask all the people who really know me, Do you think I'd purposely cause this? Cause someone to get this upset? I have my idiot moments and this was one of them, for that I apologize.

    I truly feel bad about everything, especially after looking back on it on a new day so sorry everyone :cry:

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  12. AliTheAce

    AliTheAce Scary Plane Man -CdbSofa Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    340 coins
    I know it was done with the intention of "lols", but it turned out that it backfired.
    I can say that Pacey did not want to lower Marc's morale/happiness, and it was just an old practical joke.
    You're doing a good thing by apologizing, and hopefully Marc forgives you for this.
    DeathDragon likes this.
  13. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic 3DS Pedia Contributor

    Play Coins:
    1,854 coins
    I think it's quite brave of you to openly apologise, you have my respect for that. Realise that hurting someone is easy, regaining their trust is not. :( Let's just hope you've learned from this all. It's not really my right or wrong to "forgive" you since it's not me that got hurt, but for what it's worth, it seems like you mean this and that's enough for me.
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  14. DarkDragonz87

    DarkDragonz87 The Dragon Slayer Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    26 coins
    I am truly disappointed in those who made Marc regret opening 3dspedia! It is a great site with many helpful people and cheerful people! 3dspedia made me feel like home, I made many friends too! To those who are trying to ruin this cheerful site, then shame on you!
    Mikaya likes this.
  15. numage

    numage _(┐ \ε:)_❤_(:3/ ∠)_ Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    1,100 coins
    I'm really sad this happened to you Marc, but don't regret opening 3DS Pedia.
    This place give people joy and hope and I'm one of those people.
    I didn't have a place like this since I was in middle school and I'm glad I joined 3DS Pedia and have that same feeling again :)
  16. Slayerpon Tatsu

    Slayerpon Tatsu The Nopon King of EXP and Hater of Ignorance Banned User

    Play Coins:
    251 coins
    I came here to chat. Anybody that messes with you us pedians got your back @Marc. Ain't nobody gonna trash talk my senpai
  17. Rangercraft123

    Rangercraft123 I made Resetti's Bad list. Banned User

    Play Coins:
    6 coins
    terrible people,Marc is like a GOD spending his money for eshop cards,love Marcs logo. WE LOVE MARC!!!F those 4 idiots.*************************
  18. Barmont

    Barmont Not much, just killing dragons and eating gods Sonyntendo Gamer

    Play Coins:
    237 coins
    I'll write in red today as a tribute to Marc.

    I didn't understand how bad was this "joke", but it doesn't matter. Marc, you've made a GREAT job (and still does) with 3DSpedia. The people here really is like a family to me. But even in our families, there are people we don't like and people who don't like us.
    Every community is made of people, and people are COMPLICATED. It doesn't matter how nice you are, there will always be people who try to take advantage of your kindness.
    Don't let this affect you. You know that the great majority of 3DSpedians admire you and your work here.

    As I always say: You didn't have to create this community, but we are glad you did :)
  19. MLGirby

    MLGirby ciao Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    0 coins
    Dear god, I did NOT Expect member a to be a thing.
    She was nice!
  20. Magik

    Magik I made Resetti's Bad list. Banned User

    Play Coins:
    0 coins
    I am sorry for what I've done the past couple of months. I screwed up the writers team, hurt peoples feelings and all in all made more trouble than anything else.
    I'd like to say how I am really, truly sorry for everything. I screwed up so bad and after last night, I got so caught up in trying to show I was right I hurt you Marc, and that I don't think I'll be able to be alright with for a long time. You are way to nice and generous to deserve this and especially on your forum, which a lot of effort and time, and money too, has been out in.

    As for anyone else I might have hurt, please know my intention wasn't to do so, and I stupidly wasn't aware of it at the time.

    Again, I'd like to say how sorry I am. If I could take it back I would in a second.

    I am sorry 3DS Pedia, and especially to you Marc.
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